GreenBall GK Glove Pack (Champo Version)


GreenBall GK Glove Pack (Champo Version)


Irish designed gloves for Irish Sport and Irish weather. The Lámhainni XG1

We have designed and produced our first purposely made gloves for Gaelic Football, using the best products available to suit a Gaelic ball which is made from a rubberised material and not the same material as soccer balls.

And we put them into a combi pack for your benefit, saving you €30

  1. Match Gloves
  2. Glove bag to store essentials
  3. Champo Kicking T

Top Match Standard Gloves, light and flexible

4mm Quartz High Performance German Latex, for best grip on Gaelic Footballs.

Breathable neoprene for flexibility when hand-passing and protection from wind and rain.

Wrist Strap:
Double secure system for protection and secure fit.

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8, 9, 10, 11


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GreenBall GK Glove Pack (Champo Version)

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