The GreenBall Xtrabol

Price €35


The Green Ball Company currently focuses on the design and creation of a specialised training football for Gaelic football, Ireland’s most popular sport. Our product is called the Green Ball, a football that has the same dimensions as a regular football but is slightly heavier. Its primary use is as a training aid to facilitate players in their game-related practice as they normally would, but with a marginally heavier ball.

The Green Ball enables players to apply additional load to the skills they practice when training,i.e. kick-outs,kick passing,shooting,hand passing and catching. The principle of training overload in skills domain enables the player train every aspect of the skill concurrently- the physical, physiological, neural and biomechanical variables of a skill can be practised with resistance in game-specific scenarios.

The GreenBall is a unique product to Gaelic football.