The Green Ball Co say “Hello”

Welcome to The GreenBall Blog.

Well it has taken 2 years to get here and we are finally alive!

We will aim to keep you up to date with all that’s going on here with The Green Ball Company, and indeed there are lots of new and exciting ideas being formulated all the time. In every training session we develop new ideas on how the Green Ball can improve performance and we will look to share these conditioned games and drills with you on a regular basis.

We will also be looking to take you through our progress with our free taker and 45’s player along with our Goalkeeper and Kick Out drills, in a week by week training session update.

Also, and this is the big one, as a recipient of an Innovation Voucher from Enterprise Ireland we have teamed up with Cork Institute of Technology and we will be showing the progress we are making and the results we are gaining from tests being carried out on the effectiveness of The Green Ball. We are very proud of the results so far and we are looking forward to sharing these findings with you, We believe that this is the first Gaelic Football training product of its kind and we intend to demonstrate that we are an innovative company with vision and focus to improve our sports and indeed player performance.

Exciting times ahead we hope you agree.