| Innovation

Having been around many coaches over the last 30 years, I developed a deep belief that the best training and the best drills for any sport must be game related. After all we have heard this phrase a thousand times “we are training for the game this weekend”. But I also recognize that today’s advancements in training aids also bring a lot of improvement to technique, strength and speed. Tailored strength & conditioning programmes and related equipment such as resistance bands have improved the quality of our games and indeed player performance. But I still believe nothing prepares you better for a game of football than training with a ball.

Five years ago I really started to look at Gaelic football training; I wanted the sessions to have as much ball work as possible but understood that strength work needed to be factored into the session. So the Green Ball was initially designed for Gaelic football. It’s been driven by innovation; a slightly weighted ball, but plays like a standard match ball. I wanted the players to develop strength and play lots of football- as an amateur game there are only so many training sessions you can have with your players and when you need to put on a gym session and then a football session your dividing the time you have available. Now with the Green Ball, if you decide to sacrifice a gym session to practice game training you know that each kick pass and hand pass is loaded so strength is being developed.

So The Green Ball does both.